My two sense worth

Not sure when it happened or even how long it has been but right now, I have no taste and no smell. I have done the reading. I know this means sometime in the past few months I must have had Covid-19 but never had the symptoms. So okay, I must have Covid, but for certain I do not have much ability to taste or smell.

This lack of ability goes by two names in the medical literature I have read, anosmia (smell) and ageusia (taste).

In Crema the other morning and Nicole, who is a frequent contributor on Medium in music writings, asked “Have you written about that?” Since the answer was no, I decided others might have experienced the same loss and might feel better knowing they are not alone.

How did it come up at Crema, my coffee shop? Nicole wondered what I was drinking, and told her coffee and I didn’t which kind because neither my palette nor my nose had any involvement in either the decision or the enjoyment. It could be that I really do miss the deep, rich aroma of well brewed quality coffee beans. It could be, but I do not often dwell on what I miss in not being able to smell.

A couple of days ago, my three-year old granddaughter, who happened to enter the bathroom right after I had left, gasped — it really smells in here. She was pretty explicit with her observation, making me think maybe being without this sense is not all bad.

But, a few months ago our microwave was going and going and going, and though I wondered what was cooking I paid no attention. That is until I saw the smoke coming from the door. Someone set the wrong time and forgot they had something warming. Fortunately I still have eyesight and got the microwave turned off. Never did smell the smoke — though we did have to open the house doors and turn on fans to keep the smoke detector from snapping on. So, not having the sense of smell is not all about missing the smell of roses.

A few months ago I also decided that while my weight was in an okay range, I did think dropping a few pounds could make me feel and even be a little more healthy. For fun I joined Noom — maybe another article — and proceeded to follow the program. As I continue this health journey, I sometimes feel like a cheater because I find myself mostly keeping to the calorie count as my relationship with food has changed. Without real taste, I have been finding out the role that texture plays with taste. So now in my mindful meal taking I a feeling the food not tasting the food — and a little texture goes a long way.

And, while on this subject I found out clearly about my loss of taste one day when offering to share my morning smoothie — a juicy mixture of banana, spinach, cucumber, celery, frozen fruit, apple cider vinegar, water, a few walnuts, a couple of carrots and maybe some apple or blueberry. Their reaction to the first sip was graphic in the face and “Horrible” is perhaps the best summary of the description of the taste. Maybe it is good I don’t have the taste, because the smoothie has little texture and while I can tell the difference between water and almond milk as the fluid, I cannot tell the taste.

This situation has been going on for quite awhile. I did achieve my NOOM goal within about six weeks so there has been some benefit but I still seldom look forward to the next meal, except that I know it is time to eat.

So, it has been quite awhile that I have been missing my two scents and so you can get someone else’s take on this issue here is a link to another’s two cents on the loss of taste and smell:

And, Nicole, thanks for noticing the drop in pounds!


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richard puffer

richard puffer

Gray hair, sore knees and a propensity to "suggest life hacks" that once had a friend nick-name me Yoda. Exercise and work o community building.