This is a shoutout to STORYWORTH

Fathers’ Day 2021 I got one of the most unique presents — it was a subscription to StoryWorth that if I did my part could result in a finished book within 12 months. And, as part of the present, the finished book was paid for before the first word had been written.

I was excited as I read about this present and the elements that would be coming to me weekly in the form of writing prompts and ideas.

Now, you may have already realized I may have been in the top percent of people who are targets for this type of present. I have lots more years behind me than in front of me. I am always talking about the “wish” to have written a book. I have two daughters who are always pushing for me to share memories of the past with them and particularly with their children. They are always supportive and they have continued to tell me they find things from my past interesting. They also remind me that they were part of this past and they think some of their contributions to my life have also been interesting. So, I was a prime target.

If you are reading this on MEDIUM, you may also be a prime target and maybe you should ask for a StoryWorth subscription as a present.

So, I got the subscription on Fathers Day and that same day I set a goal to have this book finished by Fathers’ Day 2022. I made the deadline and ordered the first copy of the book ahead of the actual Fathers Day. In fact, I had a week to spare. And the timing of this article is because the Friday before June 19, last Sunday, my order for books for the kids, for their kids and one or two extra arrived at the house. I am going to give these books as presents when we start our family vacation next week. I know the grands who range in age from three to seven will not have much excitement about this book now, but I think in decades from now it will provide some entertainment for them and maybe even for their kids.

I received this gift from one daughter and her husband and it became a sort of team project including my other daughter. StoryWorth provides opportunities for the writer to gather past memories or other stories they would like to share with a reading audience. While StoryWorth has lists and lists of prompts, my daughters both offered specific areas of interest and sometimes even specific instances from the past they wanted to know more about. And one even provided me both reading and editorial assistance as I moved through the writing process.

StoryWorth has a good system that is not real flexible but is inclusive of many items you would like to include in a book. For example, it is easy to include photos. I wish I had taken even more opportunity to include more photos and to have done more research of photos that I wanted to have in the “record.” That is one of the things I would do differently if I were adding another book. And I did not discover until nearly the end of the process they have some service people who will answer technical and other questions that can help ease your process.

StoryWorth has not talked with me about my writing this kind of an article yet in case you think you may have an interest, here is piece of their marketing material. Though, if you do have an interest in being the story teller or writer make someone’s day and ask them to give it to you as a present — that you too may find is among the most unique you have ever received.

If I knew more about MEDIUM, I would a photo of my book, which includes about 53 stories and is about 350 pages — Yankee Went South, And Stayed



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